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ABOUT MYSELF – I am semi retired and lives in Goodwood, in the Northern suburbs of CAPE TOWN in South Africa. I grew up in Goodwood since age 6 in 1959. The town is now incorporated in the greater Cape Town Metropole.

FAMOUS landmarks – (Wikipedia) One of the very first military airfields was WINGFIELD Airport. In the early days of aviation, all that was required for take off and landing was a level piece of land relatively free of obstructions. Where a flight commenced and ended depended on the weather, the reason for the flight, the mechanical state of the aircraft and even the whim of the pilot. Navigation was done by following a road or railway line and referring to prominent landmarks such as Table MountainThere were no laws prohibiting low flying or landing within city limits. Places in the vicinity of Cape Town known to be used as airfields included Kenilworth race courseGreen Point Common and Green Point cycle track, Sea PointRobben Island, Maitland Common, Rosebank Showgrounds and Mr Young’s farm near Wynberg as well as local beaches.[2]

It would be several years before the commercial prospects of aviation would be grasped and an aviation infrastructure put in place.