Flying is my passion. When home computers started to appear in early 80’s I was hooked. Started off with the VIC 20 with tape drive and very little memory I progressed to the Commodore 64. It had 64kb of memory and 20kb of ROM. Well that was a start and I taught myself basic programming and later done a course in STRUCTURED programing. This helps with programming games from the old Commodore magazine onto tape drive. Spending hours to type the listing only to find it was not worth the time. After a few months I met a few friends through the computer club and slowly we started to share games on cassette and later on floppy disk. The first 1541 floppy disk drive was single sided and slow !. But it was faster than the tape drive. We then started with hardware and soon imported a faster ROM and from there things has gone better. About 3 years ago I donated my Commodore and disk drive to the Vintage Computer Club. Still remember the old computers, ZS Spectrum and many others. My very first FLIGHT SIM (Sub Logic) was on the Commodore 64, using 2 x joysticks to operate. Graphics was not to bad for those years, but difficult to fly.

FIRST PC – was a unknown brand with 128kb memory, 5mb hard drive with green screen. Very soon upgraded to 1028kb of memory but you have to wait about 3 minutes for it to boot up. The 360kb floppy was soon modified by punching additional holes on the opposite side of the disk to make it double sided. Soon the floppy drive was replaced with a first single sided stiffy drive and later with 720 kb capacity. Still running DOS 6.7 and later Windows 3.1 on set of about 10 stiffies.

Good Old Days!!